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Post a Comment. Wednesday, December 10, Thrust and Design Analysis of the J58 Engine. Dylan T. In this report, the SR propulsion system and variable cycles are explained in detail.

Calculations of thrust are made for the engine cycle of the J58 bypassing turbojet during takeoff and at cruise conditions. Thrust is determined and the effect of changing bypass ratio is studied. I ntroduction. Figure 1. THE SR was designed to be a high speed, high altitude reconnaissance aircraft. This required the engine to operate at much higher temperatures and with active afterburning for much longer periods of time than previous aircraft. At the same time, the aircraft had to be able to take off and land unassisted.

In order to boost afterburner efficiency and control engine temperature at the required extreme operating conditions, it became necessary to allow the engine to change cycles during flight, from a turbojet at low speeds to a ramjet, which is more efficient at high speeds. In order to maintain this compressor inlet Mach number and maximize pressure recovery in the inlet, a complex system of bypass doors and hatches and a variable geometry inlet are implemented.

For the purposes of this report, the contribution of total thrust generated by the complex inlet system is neglected, and the analysis focuses, instead, primarily on the thrust contribution from the J58 turbojet stage, knowing the pressure ratio across the inlet. SR Propulsion System Operation. These transformations are implemented to optimize the performance of the engine, allowing the SR to operate over a previously unprecedented flight envelope.

The key behind the capability to operate at both low and extremely high speeds is the combination of turbojet and ramjet cycles. At low speeds, the J58 turbojet engine core stage is the dominant producer of thrust, while at high speeds, doors open that allow air to flow around the turbojet and directly to the afterburner. This allows the engine to function primarily as a ramjet, with the inlet performing the majority of the compression and producing most of the motive force for the entire engine before combustion.

It is important to note, however, that the engine never functions entirely as a ramjet, since the turbojet still operates at cruise Figure 2 is a bit misleading in this respect. As Mach number increases, so does the inlet pressure ratio and the amount of air bypassed to the afterburner only above Mach 2. Figure 3.

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J58 Turbojet Engine. The J58 turbojet engine was the first turbojet designed to operate with full afterburner for extended periods of time. This required significant innovation so that the engine could withstand the extreme temperatures and pressures associated with Mach 3.

Rather than dumping the excess air overboard with bleed traps, it was decided to bypass the air around the core burning stage of the turbojet directly to the afterburner with six large bypass tubes shown in figure 4 below.

This served to maintain the mass flow rate passing through the engine, while also cooling the air entering the afterburner.This review discusses atrial fibrillation according to the guidelines of Brazilian Society of Cardiac Arrhythmias and the Brazilian Cardiogeriatrics Guidelines.

We stress the thromboembolic burden of atrial fibrillation and discuss how to prevent it as well as the best way to conduct cases of atrial fibrillatios in the elderly, reverting the arrhythmia to sinus rhythm, or the option of heart rate control.

The new methods to treat atrial fibrillation, such as radiofrequency ablation, new oral direct thrombin inhibitors and Xa factor inhibitors, as well as new antiarrhythmic drugs, are depicted. AF-related phenotypes are being detected today. Presently, several misinterpretations involve arrhythmia, especially in the elderly, such as: 1 AF is a benign arrhythmia; 2 Chemical reversion is less risky than electrical reversion; 3 Anticoagulation in the elderly is of high risk, so one should prefer antiplatelet agents; and 4 Sinus rhythm reversion eliminates anticoagulation maintenance.

These inaccurate statements increase morbidity and mortality associated with arrhythmia and lead to what we call omission iatrogeny. From the electrophysiological point of view, AF is characterized by the loss of electrical atrial homogeneity due to isolated or associated autonomic, metabolic, structural, inflammatory, or ischemic defects.

AF is the most prevalent chronic arrhythmia in patients above 65 years old 5. First, it has identified patient's age and then hypertension, diabetes, heart failure and valve disease. International guidelines [7] have classified AF as: 1 AF detected for the first time symptomatic or not, self-limited, or of unknown duration, or when the presence of previous episodes is unknown, being paroxysmal or persistent ; 2 paroxysmal is characterized by recurrent episodes and spontaneous reversion; 3 persistent or lasting more than seven days and needing chemical or electrical cardioversion to re-establish the sinus rhythm; and 4 permanent or lasting more than one year, and refractory to cardioversion.

The classification is only used in situations where there is no reversible AF cause, such as acute myocardial infarction, pulmonary embolism, hyperthyroidism, alcoholism, etc. AF is generally associated to structural heart disease, however, it may occur in patients without detectable heart disease called isolated AF.

The term should not be applied to the elderly because co-morbidities are common at this age and may contribute to arrhythmia chronicity. Historically, the first arrhythmia cause was identified as rheumatic valve disease, however with population aging and decreasing prevalence of rheumatic fever, non-valvar causes or other valve diseases have become predominant, such as myocardial infarction, pericarditis, pulmonary embolism, chronic obstructive lung disease, hypertension, heart failure HFchronic coronary disease, sinus node disease, ventricular hypertrophy, atrial dilatation, non-rheumatic valvulopathies and aging itself.

HF evolves with structural and functional alterations which trigger and maintain AF.

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Atrial muscle fiber stretching is associated with a shorter refractory period and slower electrical conduction, which favor AF maintenance. Neuro- humoral alterations, such as an increase in catecholamines and renin-angiotensin system activation, also predispose to arrhythmia; on the other hand, structural and functional alterations induced by AF worsen HF. Non-cardiovascular causes may be related to AF episodes, especially in the elderly: hyperthyroidism, dehydration, electrolytic disorders, acute alcoholism, hypoxia, diabetes, postoperative period of non-cardiac surgery and stress.

AF risk is increased five-fold with subclinical hyperthyroidism, which may be the one and only manifestation of the disease. In general, rhythm returns to normal with hormonal disorder reversion. Natural AF progression starts with self- limited episodes, symptomatic or not, which increase in frequency and duration. Then, AF becomes permanent, raising the discussion of what should be done next: either maintain the rhythm with ventricular rate control and anticoagulation, or revert to sinus rhythm.

The presence of cardiovascular disease with increased left atrium size is usually seen from onset of the condition. Arrhythmia chronicity causes atrial remodeling expressed through electrical, contractile and structural alterations. The decrease of the refractory period of the atrial muscle with repeated AF episodes turns them into longer- lasting episodes. Structural and contractile remodeling is represented by muscle fibers hypertrophy, normal fibers superimposed onto ill fibers and interstitial fibrosis, all leading to functional loss.

The consequences of such changes are AF complications, such as intra-atrial thrombosis and possibly systemic, or pulmonary embolism. Another consequence seen at AF onset is the loss of atrial contraction, which in patients with left ventricular hypertrophy, may evolve to acute lung edema, especially in acute AF forms with high ventricular rate. AF patient mortality is twice those in sinus rhythm.

Regardless of the underlying disease, [19] AF is a negative prognostic marker. In the Framingham study [21] the risk of stroke in AF patients was five times greater. In patients between 50 and 59 years old, the stroke chance was of 1. It also considered the presence of spontaneous atrial contrast or intra-atrial clot, confirmed by trans-esophageal echocardiogram.

Realization that between 65—74 years of age is worth one point, and an age above 75 years is worth two points, places this isolated factor as a risk for thromboembolic complications. According to these criteria, patients with zero points do not need anticoagulation or anti-thrombotic drugs; patients with 1 point receive aspirin or warfarin; and patients with 2 or more points should receive warfarin with controlled dosage according to an International Normalized Ratio INR of between 2 and 3.

Patients who cannot take warfarin should receive double anti-thrombotic therapy with aspirin and clopidogel, which in the ACTIVE A study has better protected patients than aspirin alone [26][27] The recommended aspirin dose is controversial and studies have administered it between 81 mg and mg per day. AF is also related to cognitive disorders and vascular dementia.

In the Rotterdam Study, [28] the risk of dementia was twice as high for fibrillating elderly.Medici di base circoscrizione n. Posti occupati alle Asl To1 e To2. Il cittadino esercita il proprio diritto di scelta tra i medici. Asl to1 elenco medici di base su Oggettivolanti.

Adnkronos Salute - A partire da questo gennaio i medici di medicina generale del distretto circoscrizione 5 della Asl Torino 2 possono. Tutte le informazioni per la prescrizione di dispositivi protesici. Proroga delle registrazioni dei prodotti fitosanitari a base di Coniothyrium. Formazione di base per la ricerca bibliografica e utilizzo.

Orario dei medici di famiglia e contratto. La scelta del medico di base. ASL TO2 - dirigente medici direttore s. Presso gli sportelli della tua ASL richiedi le tue. Avvisi di sicurezza sui dispositivi medici. Analisi mediche generali e di base in convenzione con il SSN presso il. Ospedalieri e del Territorio della ex ASL 3, che. Fondaparinux in base al dosaggio.

ECM, per medici di base e pediatri di libera scelta, per il personale sanitario medico e del comparto. Posta un commento. Etichette: casa. Nessun commento:. Posta un commento Nota.

Solo i membri di questo blog possono postare un commento. Iscriviti a: Commenti sul post Atom. Trasmittanza media solaio copertura. Il valore medio della trasmittanza del componente trasparente Um. PT1 Giunto tra muro esterno a isolamento ripartito e solaio di copertura Plinto palo illuminazione dwg.

Breve Palo Illuminazione ordinazione!You will need the following information to complete the form : 1. Particulars of ship and contact details 2. Arrival voyage information 3. Security related information 4. Pre-Arrival Notification PAN Owners, Agents or Masters of a Passenger ships including high-speed passenger craft, b Cargo ships, including high-speed craft, of GT and above, and c Mobile offshore units, including mobile offshore drilling units shall complete this form and email to isps mpa.

A ship coming from a nearby port, with less than 24 hours steaming time to Singapore, shall immediately on departure from such port complete this form and email to isps mpa. This include dangerous cargo carried in packaged form i.

Before the arrival of vessel in port, please forward the dangerous cargo details 24 hr beforehand to the local agent for proper declaration. To remove a row, select the check box and click here. If yes, location : 4.

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Is the ship exempted under Regulation A4? If D1, was BWE conducted? If D4, is the ship holding 'Statement of Compliance for prototype ballast water treatment technology'? Vessel shall complete changeover to compliant fuel prior entry into Singapore Port Limits. Does the vessel have enough compliant fuel oil on board throughout the vessel's stay in Singapore?

Retrieve the Data Select a previously saved. Fax no. Agent's email address :. If Miscellaneous, please specify purpose :. Port Facility, Port Name.

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To insert a new row, click here. List of most recent ship-to-ship activities during the period specified in 3. Location or lat. Remarks :. Type and quantity :. Does the ship have a strong room? If yes, location :. Does the ship have the following valid mandatory certificates onboard? Please choose from one of the 2 options:. Vessel using LNG as a marine fuel during entire port stay. A4: Exemption from the installation of ballast water management systems. Cubic meters e. Please specify the type of scrubber installed on board.

Note: Discharge of wash water from open-loop scrubbers is prohibited in Port of Singapore. Has arrangement been made to procure compliant fuel in Singapore? Hybrid Type. Note: Scrubber shall only be operated in closed-loop mode or ship to use compliant fuel. Vessel will be using other alternative fuel oil to comply with the requirement.The ASL is able to breathe spontaneously even while being ventilated and can be used with any ventilator and any ventilator mode.

The ASL can help you save time, accelerate development and gain better control of testing protocols.

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This highly accurate, versatile instrument represents the premier choice for product development and testing for ventilators, CPAP, aerosol drug delivery and other respiratory therapy devices. Accuracy Highly accurate throughout the entire range of neonatal to adult tidal volumes and breath rates Calibrated system traceable to NIST standards sample calibration certificate Flow calculated from piston position eliminates the uncertainties of external flow meters.

Digitally controlled piston-cylinder unit no springs or orifices provides precise programmable parameters that can be changed over time. See how it works! Sets three levels of leaks. Also switches between the simulator and external breathing bag when no simulation is running to avoid alarming ventilator. Also switches between ASL and external breathing bag when no simulation is running to avoid ventilator alarms. Learn more. Bag-in-bottle accessory for use of ASL with aerosol drugs and anesthesia gases.

Add-on cylinder for the ASL Breathing Simulator for specialized applications requiring increased accuracy in the neonatal range.

asl t02

The ASL has a standard 22mm tapered port that connects to all ventilator circuits. No, they will not.

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Ventilatory results may vary between ventilators, even when using identical settings. The ASL is a valuable tool for uncovering these ventilator performance variances and characteristics. The ASL can be connected to the ventilator using any standard tubing or breathing circuits via a 22mm ISO port on the front of the instrument.

Or, if using a manikin, you would intubate the manikin and connect the ventilator to the ET Tube, just like a real patient. While there is no native Mac OS support, the software can be used through a virtual machine e. To ensure a smooth startup, a laptop computer with ASL software installed is provided in the standard package. Windows 7 is compatible. Windows 8 is not recommended. Older devices may be upgraded after a required hardware update. Please contact Customer Care for further information support ingmarmed.

For research or engineering purposes, we would strongly recommend annual calibration. Therefore, if you are using the device for applications in a controlled metrology environment, you may want to consider re-calibration after six months. Within 6 months the pressure transducer drift can be expected to be within the specified limits for all instruments. The standard ASL has a volume resolution of You can simulate ET Tube leaks, circuit leaks, mask leaks, etc.

Yes, the tubing which would normally connect to the patient would simply be connected to the ASL instead. These scenarios would typically require neonates with very small tidal volumes, high respiratory rate, and decreased compliance, and the ASL is the only simulator capable of representing this type of patient.

The tidal volume range for the ASL is 2 mL to 2.

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For this application, you may want to consider the PreemieLung Option. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly.

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It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website.Jatropha curcas is considered a potential biodiesel feedstock crop.

Currently, the value of J. Transgenic modification is a promising approach to improve the seed yield of J. Although Agrobacterium -mediated genetic transformation of J.

Therefore, a highly efficient and simple Agrobacterium -mediated genetic transformation method for J. We examined and optimized several key factors that affect genetic transformation of J. The results showed that the EHA strain was superior to the other three Agrobacterium tumefaciens strains for infecting J. Use of the appropriate inoculation method, optimal kanamycin concentration and appropriate duration of delayed selection also improved the efficiency of stable genetic transformation of J.

Furthermore, we optimized the root-inducing medium to achieve a rooting rate of Using this improved protocol, a large number of transgenic J. The detailed information provided here for each step of J. The online version of this article doi With the decreasing supplies of fossil fuels and the worsening of environmental pollution, biodiesel has received increasing attention as an alternative fuel.

In addition, J. However, at present, J. Breeding of varieties that produce high and stable yields is one of the most efficient approaches to making J. Because of the low genetic diversity of J. Transgenic breeding techniques can complement conventional breeding technology and have many advantages, such as directional cultivation of new breeds, reduced costs, a shorter breeding period, and the ability to introduce genes for traits that may not be available within the species or may be difficult to introduce via conventional breeding methods Herr and Carlson ; Li et al.

Moreover, with the completion of genomic sequencing analysis Hirakawa et al. The efficiency of the in vitro plant regeneration system, the efficiency of Agrobacterium tumefaciens transformation, and the specific antibiotic selection procedure are key factors in plant genetic transformation Kajikawa et al. To date, shoot regeneration systems for J. Some regeneration systems have been utilized in genetic transformation protocols employing A.

Due to several advantages of Agrobacterium -mediated genetic transformation, including the defined integration of transgenes, potentially low copy number, and preferential integration into transcriptionally active regions of the chromosome Newellthis method is the most widely used to generate transgenic J.

asl t02

Several A. The types of selectable markers and the selection pressure also play important roles in the genetic transformation of different explants. Using the herbicide phosphinothricin as a selective agent, Li et al. Thereafter, several groups found that transgenic J. Many protocols required multiple handling steps and frequent changes of different medium, which not only require additional time but also may introduce contamination.

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Therefore, a simple, highly efficient, and rapid Agrobacterium -mediated genetic transformation system for J. Notably, root induction of regenerated shoots is also an important step for obtaining transgenic plants.

Several root-inducing mediums RIM have been successfully used in the root induction of regenerated J. Mazumdar et al. So RIM should also be optimized to ensure high and stable rooting efficiency of transformed shoots. We have previously developed a simple and efficient Agrobacterium -mediated genetic transformation system for J.

However, the transformation efficiency of this method is low and variable Kajikawa et al.Either your web browser doesn't support Javascript or it is currently turned off. In the latter case, please turn on Javascript support in your web browser and reload this page.

Thyroidal pain is usually due to subacute thyroiditis SAT. In more severe forms prednisone doses up to 40 mg daily for weeks are recommended.

Recurrences occur rarely and restoration of steroid treatment cures the disease. Differently from SAT, occasional PHT patients showed no benefit from medical treatment so that thyroidectomy was necessary. We report three patients who did not show clinical response to prolonged high dose prednisone treatment: a year-old man, a year-old woman, and a year-old woman.

Thyroidectomy was necessary, respectively, after nine-month treatment with 50 mg daily, two-month treatment with 75 mg daily, and one-month treatment with 50 mg daily. The two women were typical cases of PHT. Our data 1 suggest that not only PHT but also SAT may show resistance to steroid treatment and 2 confirm a previous observation in a single PHT patient that increasing prednisone doses above conventional maximal dosages may not be useful in these patients.

Pain originating from the thyroid gland is usually due to subacute or de Quervain's thyroiditis SATa transient inflammatory thyroid disease of unknown origin, probably viral. Other well known causes of thyroid pain include hemorrhage in a thyroid cyst, bacterial infection of the thyroid, or an enlarged malignant tumor. However patients with the most common form of thyroiditis, Hashimoto's thyroiditis HTrarely have thyroid pain, leading to the clinical picture of painful Hashimoto's thyroiditis PHT.

SAT is a self-limiting disease. In more severe forms of the condition, corticosteroids will generally cause a rapid relief of symptoms within 24—48 h. Prednisone may be initiated in dosages up to 40 mg daily for weeks, with a gradual reduction in dosage thereafter. Recurrences do appear in a small percentage of patients, necessitating restoration of a higher dose once again [ 12 ]. In this paper we report three new patients with painful thyroiditis in which prolonged treatment with prednisone doses higher than the maximal recommended dose for SAT was completely ineffective in relieving pain and other clinical symptoms; in these patients total thyroidectomy was performed and led to complete clinical remission.

These patients were observed in, and At the time the first patient from now on called Case 1 was observed, file data of outpatients were not completely available.

Conversely, Cases 2 and 3 belong to a cohort of 73 patients with painful thyroiditis observed in the years — Clinical data of these patients are reported for comparison. Histological characteristics of the cases are also reported. Ninety-six patients presented to our observation with the clinical suspicion of painful thyroiditis in the years — Some authors have individuated ultrasonographic and thyroid blood flow criteria useful to distinguish SAT from HT [ 1011 ].

These criteria were not applied since our main aim was to exclude patients without any form of thyroiditis. Moreover it is well known that ultrasonographic features of HT change during the natural history of the disease [ 89 ] and a painful thyroiditis may happen in patients without thyroid antibodies, in others with positivity previously not known and of uncertain duration, and in others with well established autoimmune thyroiditis, associated or not with hypothyroidism.

Including Cases 2 and 3, 73 patients matched all inclusion criteria, while other 23 were excluded since they did not. Follow-up of included patients ended in December Clinical details of included patients are reported in Table 1. Seventy-three patients with painful thyroiditis observed in the years —; clinical and laboratory details.

This patient was euthyroid during the painful phase; about three months after the resolution of painful thyroiditis the patient developed persistent thyrotoxicosis with positive TRAb, necessitating treatment with an antithyroid drug. Before our observation, 18 patients were unsuccessfully treated with antibiotics; steroids were also sometimes used before our observation, but at doses lower than those subsequently found to be effective.

Patients were treated with prednisone 10—40 mg daily 58 cases or other steroids in equivalent doses 2 cases. After 7—35 days median 16 a gradual reduction in dosage could be initiated.

Remission occurred in 57 patients. During the period of reduction of dosage or after discontinuation a single relapse was observed in 3 cases, all controlled with restoration of higher steroid dosage.

A year-old male originally from northern Italy presented to our observation in September with severe pain in the thyroidal region, spontaneous and exacerbated by palpation, low-grade fever, malaise, fatigue, and myalgias.

A recent history of upper respiratory tract infection was present. Plasma protein electrophoresis showed a polyclonal increase of gamma globulin.

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